Technical Rider

"Three times King" is a performance played on stage.

The number of audience members is limited to 200. The performance is suitable for children attending primary school and adults. Children attending the performance with their parents should not be younger than 4 years.

Stage Requirements:
Venue: Black Box with raked seating. In case the seating is not raked, the view lines of the young audience must be considered.
Stage size (minimum): 7meters width x 7meters depth x 3,5meters height.
The stage design consists of a 4meter wide and 3meter high wall with flaps, doors and boxes. We need 4meters of free space in front of this wall and 2-3meter behind it for props and preparation. At the front border of the stage (close to the audience) stands a small column. We move it from left to right and to the middle of the stage by using a horizontal cable control.
If it is necessary to go across the stage to reach the emergency exit, you have to contact us.
The rear wall must have a neutral colour or a black curtain. A total blackout is required.

Duration: 60 minutes.
Load in: 4 hours.
Break down: 2 hours.

Stage lighting and Sound:
At least: backlight, basic light, a night mood, a warm mood and 3 further specials (PC/ Profiler). We bring one spotlight with a gobo, which should be placed over the auditorium.
We need a lighting system with 24 canals at least.
We need a sound system too. We bring a sampler to connect it to the existing system.