Little Klaus, big Klaus by H.C. Andersen

For children from 6 years on and adults too.
The story tells about getting most advantage from greatest misery. Bygone was right next to our village. And it was here that there lived two men who both had the same name and were called Klaus, but one of them owned three horses and the other only one, in order to distinguish the one from the other, the one who had three horses was named big Klaus and the one who only had one horse, little Klaus.
The whole week long, little Klaus had to plough for big Klaus and had to lend him his only horse for it. Big Klaus lent him his three horses for ploughing, but only on Sundays, and little Klaus had to plough his own field all on his own.
But this didn’t displease little Klaus because today was one of those  Sundays and on Sundays he had all the horses to himself. “Gee up, my horses”. As passing by big Klaus: “You mustn’t say that! Only one of the horses belongs to you. And if you say gee up, all my horses once more then I’ll knock your horse so hard on the head that it falls down dead. That’ll be the end of him then.”
With three wooden horses, a pot of potatoes and a Russian accordion player, who is also named Klaus, TheaterGrueneSosse tells a story from the past, when grandmothers were evil and the people were greedy and mean.

Here you can see a Trailer (4:40 min) in english language.

Here you can download a pdf Folder

Director: Taki Papaconstantinou ( TheaterKaterland, CH)
Music: Alexandre Bytchkov
Actors: Friederike Schreiber, Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold     Stage: Detlef Köhler

Age: schools from 7 years on, Families from 6 years

Premiere: 13th. September 2008