Should you watch a war?


The play „Henry the Fifth” will be played on a studio stage if possible performed with appropriate top view by the public gallery.

But the play can also do just as well on a peephole stage. However, the stage edge should not be higher than 1.20.

If possible, the stage should have a black stage display.

P R E S S  &  P R E P E R A T I O N 


Henry is still young when he becomes king of England. The treasury is empty but the castle desperately needs renovating. In an old book he reads that France used to belong to England, and furthermore, that there is a wonderful castle in France.

Now Henry wants to possess the castle, and the rest of France for that matter. Firstly, he tries to marry the daughter of the old French king. When that does not succeed he begins a bloody war which lasts for so long that in the end no one knows why it actually started.

The play “Henry the 5th” deals with how people act and what they forget when they are after something with all their might which they wish to possess. And yet, with force one can not attain everything.

A story which tells of how too great a desire for possession and recognition hopelessly prevent one from liking people.

The play flows between direct narration and playful performance with much merriment and simplicity.

A stage play for children 6 onwards and adults. As foreign language from 8th. class onwards

Director: Inéz Derksen
Production und Technic: Detlef Köhler
The actors: Friederike Schreiber, Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold, Horst Kiss