A Contribution to a Basic Education

VideoClip Sex Drugs

Direction: Leandro Kees
Costume: Patrick Bartsch
Actors: Kathrin Marder, Friederike Schreiber
Stage: Detlef Köhler
Dramaturgy: Ossian Hain
Assistance: Philipp Kehder

Theater and pedagogy! A happy marriage or a catastrophe in the making?

TheaterGrueneSosse transforms the stage into an educational arena and addresses five selected themes, which are too often overlooked in the classroom. Using the most modern instructional methods theater has to offer, as well as . . . no . . . wait a minute . . . something is missing . . . let’s start again:

TheaterGrueneSosse brings a true pearl of educational programming for young adults to the stage.

Why was John Lennon often nude? How much money should one person be allowed to have? Is drinking champagne a mark of high culture? How virtuous should a Snow White be? Are weapons OK, if they’re used to make art? How much do women earn in Germany? Is every corner shop proprietor a drug dealer? What should we know . . . and understand?

TheaterGrueneSosse goes into the attack on education

The title is basically a no-go. „Sex, Drugs, Geschichte, Ethik & Rock ’n‘ Roll“, that’s just too bulky. Except if you read it the way that seventh- or eigth-graders might rattle off their timetables at school. Consequently, in the fifth school hour it would be time for Rock’n’Roll. Which looks like this, with Friederike Schreiber and Kathrin Marder: Their lips are pursed, their hair is open, while they wear black leather jackets and sunglasses, and stroll lasciviously up to the edge of the stage – to unpack. Two frighteningly real-looking paintball guns. And while they go bang, bang, bang against the table, at the very latest then you realise, that all of this might be dangerous. The shooting colours and the making theatre.

– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11.09.2018 (Translation by TheaterGrueneSosse)

Sex, Drugs, History, Ethics, and Rock’n’Roll” is a stage piece.

It should be played in a theatrical setting. We need a Sound system and a lighting system.

A studio stage is preferably to an elevated stage.

Lighting needs a general basic light, different coloured ambiances which are best created by LEDs, and Backlight.

The piece should be shown in rooms where the ground can be seen. The room can’t have daylight.

Wen need an area of play of at least 6m width, 7m depth and 3,5m height.

The stage design consists mainly of an oversized flipchart (2,40 x 2,40), two tables and two chairs.

At the end of a presentation, the flipchart is shot on with paintball bullets. These bullets are filled with a coloured liquid, which is very easily washable. The coatings are made from wheat starch and are biodegradable.

The inclusion of the air pressure guns can lead to retraumatization of specially predisposed people.

A technician accompanies the shows.

Setup takes 3 hours for the lights, the runtime is approximately 55 minutes. Disassembling takes one hour.

For questions regarding organisation or technical questions:

069- 450554


School version:

If the line of sight is reasonable, the piece can also be played without an additional lighting setup, for a limited amount of viewers.

TheaterGrueneSosse can bring lighting in these cases. This entails higher costs.

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